Ads Video Course - bitesandtickles
Ads Video Course - bitesandtickles
Ads Video Course - bitesandtickles

Ads Video Course

🚀 Generate clients on autopilot by mastering Facebook & Instagram ads.

  • For photographers & wedding vendors
  • Video course (5 hours)
  • Learn how to dominate Instagram & Facebook ads to generate clients like clockwork
  • Proven systems
  • Free updates and news to stay ahead & beat your competition
  • Free bonus: Ai copywriting tutorial
  • Free bonus: Canva tutorial
  • 110+ businesses transformed
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😫 Are you tired?

...Of relying on word-of-mouth and referrals to generate business?

🚀 It's time to take control and dominate the game!

📈 With over six years of proven success in running ads for ourselves and our clients, we've got the secret sauce to supercharge your business.

Introducing our ads course

💍 Designed exclusively for wedding vendors & photographers.

✅ We successfully launched this course in Germany and this powerhouse of knowledge has already transformed the lives of hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself, propelling their businesses to new heights.

💸 Not to brag, but our ad agency has managed a jaw-dropping $1M+ in ad spend, solidifying our reputation as industry experts.

Security & Stabilty

No more guesswork or overwhelm. We'll hold your hand and guide you through every step of the process, revealing insider secrets and proven strategies.

What sets us apart?

Our course is battle-tested, having conquered the German market and earned rave reviews from many individuals. We're not just another run-of-the-mill course; we're your ticket to unstoppable success.

Easy to follow

We show you click by click how to navigate and set everything up.

Even if you're new to advertising, you can still take this course and become an expert.

Picture this:

🔁 Automated requests pouring in, by targeting precisely the right audience.

🤯 Your advertisements will dazzle and captivate, leaving your competitors trembling in their boots.

☝️ No need to rely on a massive following - we'll show you how to stand out, even with a modest following.

🏆 Seize the moment and embark on your journey to greatness.

👉 Sign up today and secure a spot for the exclusive launch sale. 👈

⏰ The clock is ticking, and this opportunity won't be around forever.

Time to pre-register!

Secure a spot for the prelaunch and get the course at a discount by using the form to the right of this page.

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We are two fellow business owners from Germany wanting to help others develop their business. We care deeply about our community and helped countless businesses succeed with social media ads.

Still on the fence?

📈 Let us remind you that this isn't just a course; it's an investment in yourself and your business. 

💡 The knowledge you'll gain is priceless - something others pay top dollars for. 

🤔 How much clients will you generate? How much money will you make by learning this skill? 

❗ The question isn't what it costs you to take this course; it's whether you can afford to let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

🤌 Act now and secure your future. One or two clients will more than cover the cost of this business-tranforming course.

⚙️ Don't miss out on your chance to automate your acquisition.

Reviews from our clients:


If you want your calendars booked, this is it!


Wedding Photog


"I've tried ads before but didn't get any clients. After a coaching with Alex I realized I've been doing it wrong. The amount knowledge I was able to get is INSANE! I've seen others charge 2-3k for this. Thank you guys so much <3




"This stuff just works. Unbelievable!"

Ryan K.

Wedding Photographer


"This ads course is outstanding. Well done, very extensive but also neatly broken down into easy steps. This is a clear win for everyone!"

Steffi Mainik

Wedding photog


"Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to express how amazing the call with Alex has been! Seriously, it's hands down the best investment I've ever made. No unnecessary fluff - just straight to the point and incredibly helpful. Alex is an absolute genius when it comes to simplifying complex topics into easy-to-follow steps.


Wedding Singer