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We still remember how hard it was to get honest feedback when we were first starting out. Our family and friends either didn't have the expertise to really provide helpful tips or just wanted to be nice and said "everything looks amazing!".

Sure, that feels great but all we ever wanted was some helpful tips and honest criticism so we could work on improving ourselves. If we asked other photogs, we either got no response at all or one sentence.

If you feel anything like us and are in need for a long, in depth and brutally honest review, you're at the right place.

What You'll get

  • A screen recording where we will go over your website and instagram and review the images
  • Tell you which images look the best and why
  • Let you know what improvements you can make for a better composition
  • Talk about your editing style and give you some tips to get better
  • Talk about your use of light and if it needs improvement
  • Evaluate how your website looks in general and let you know about important changes

Why can't it be free?

We would LOVE to do all this for free because we know it's super helpful when starting out... 

But as we have only so many hours in a day, we gotta charge at least a small fee for our time. This whole process will cost us at least an hour, but we won't charge our hourly rate because we want to make this super affordable for those who really need a helping hand and want to work on getting better.

After your purchase you'll get an Email titled "your assets are ready to download". Please also check your spam folder or "promotions" tab if you use gmail.

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Don't take our word for it


Get them all!

The Algorithm Guide offered up so many useful tips and tricks to getting Instagram to work in your favour! Uber grateful I purchased it! Im am overly satisfied with all of my purchases from B+T so far and would recommend a newbie to just buy the everything bundle!


Wedding Photog


"I’ve used numerous presets and filters… nothing comes close to bites & tickles! I’ve pulled in so many clients just by using these. These will never go out of style! The best!"


Motherhood Photog


"Bites and tickles presets not only make things easier they helped my business flourish! The tones are stunning and it makes for the perfect pack of presets. I love using them because they can be used in a moodier or dark setting as well as lighter settings! 10/10!"


Wedding photo/video


"An absolute game changer. I have purchased so many mobile presets from so many people and these are just unreal. I have definitely found my style and I couldn’t be happier"


"I just finished skimming through the insta guide and it is PACKED full of actionable steps to improving my insta game. Seriously, thank you for making it. The best instagram guide I've read and I’m already starting to see improvements after implementing a few of their action items!



Welcome to the

Bitesandtickles Community

...of tasty tone lovers, adventure seekers and likeminded photographers!

Wether you want to grow creatively or want to reach new highs in your business, this place is for you.

We want to see you grow

Bitesandtickles was founded on the belief that tasty tones are important but everything else surrounding the business is too and we are on a mission to help you succeed.

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We are two fellow photogs from germany wanting to help others develop their business. We care deeply about our community and handle everything ourselves. If you need any help, we're here for you answering withing 24 hours.

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Didn't expect much when I bought this review but was absolutely blown away. They even sent me a screen record going over everything and giving so much feedback. I will buy this again in a year and would recommend it to everyone