Our Story.

Why we do this

We Care.

We are wedding photographers and during the beginning we felt alone and didn't know how to do business. That's why we promised to ourselves that we will help others if we succeed.

Two years later, Bitesandtickles was born.


Alex is the founder of Bitesandtickles, develops the products, and builds the brand. He manages the website, creates content and tries to learn something new everyday that would benifit every photography business.

He loves Adventures, Business, coffee, creating content, learning and having deep conversations with friends and strangers.

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Joana manages our social media and marketing.

She is an incredibly talented photographer from Frankfurt with great intuition and style.

With her exceptional keen eye for details & color it only makes sense she is the one picking your posts to feature!

She loves analogue film, deep conversations and fashion.

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Maja co-founded the bitesandtickles community. She helps with content and product ideas, proof-reads and is testing all products. She organizes everything (Alex is horrible at this) and gives the best valuable feedback and critizism you could ever wish for.

Without Maja, Alex would just sink in frustration.

She loves dogs, travelling, coffee, has a passion for sustainability and is a caring plant mom.

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Travel Dates

February 2024: Thailand

??: Cape Town

??: USA (West Coast)

??: Portugal

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