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Only One More Step! 

Please check your E-Mails and click "confirm" In the email you got from us to get the free preset. If you don't see it, please check spam or if you use gmail the "promotions" Tab or let us know via our live chat! 


You will get another email afterwards with the download link. Download the free preset calibrated for different cameras. Unzip and import the presets into lightroom. There are plenty tutorials on youtube if you don't know how.


Important: Select the right camera model (you'll be able to read it in the file name). If yours is not available, try other calibrations from the same brand (Canon, Sony, whatever you have)


  • Rule 1: Exposure and Whitebalance are crucial to be set right for this preset to work as best as it can. We recommend warming up your images a bit. Whitebalance and tint have the highest impact on the look of this preset, so play around with it.
  • Rule 2: If colors seem too saturated or the image too extreme, first lower the contrast, then the saturation if necessary.
  • Rule 3: If the colors look too merged together and you prefer a cleaner look, up the whites and up the clarity. Set Dehaze to 0 (if it's not already)


Of course you can just apply the preset and play around with it, but following the rules ensures consistency. Especially editing the contrast according to the lighting (Shade, Backlight, direct sun) makes a ton of a difference!


We hope that you like it :). If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us ♥.

While you're here, you can also take a look at our Blog via the menu if you're into some educational content for photogs.



Maja & Alex / Bitesandtickles