Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles
Wedding Guide (digital template) - bitesandtickles

Wedding Guide (digital template)

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Level up your business, amaze your clients and make things easier for yourself!


Imagine this: You get to a wedding and the venue is super dark, the DJ has those colored lights blasting everywhere and you are forced to take photos in the midday sun.

We've all been there and it SUCKED.

But what if we tell you that this guide takes all of these burdens away from you? It can educate your clients in a non-pushy way so that they understand what is required for great photos and take the necessary steps without feeling pressured.

They get better photos and you can be super proud of your work. That’s a win-win right?

Having a profitable wedding photography business is all about building meaningful relationships and providing an amazing experience. With this guide you’ll be able to not only accomplish this but also make things easier for yourself .

See this Guide as an investment in:

  1. The relationship with all your future clients (who doesn’t like gifts?).
  2. Your portfolio as you will be able to capture better images.
  3. Presenting yourself as an expert.
  4. Saving you a lot of time you’d normally spend communicating all these aspects.


And here is the best thing: You won't need any knowledge of Indesign, Photoshop or similar. All you need is a free Canva account. You will receive a canva template that is super easy to edit. If you've never used canva before - no worries! We will walk you through everything you need to know.


What's included?

  • Customizable Canva template.
  • 44 pages filled with texts from experienced wedding photogs done for you.
  • Tutorial on how to use Canva and edit the Guide.
  • One version send to you, either  as digital PDF or print depending on what you choose.


Table of contents

01 I wish I would've known this sooner... a bridal couple and as a photographer.

budgeting, priorities, communication.

02 Getting Ready

Why a getting ready is worth being captured and how to set up the room and details for the best images. 

03 First Look

What are the pros and cons of having a first look before the ceremony? And how will it be captured?

04 Couple shoot

When is the best time and best light? What can the couple do and what is your part?

05 Ceremony

Collect important information from your clients and let them know how you move and position yourself during the ceremony. Tell them why it's important not to rush through everything.

06 Reception & Congratulations

How should the couple position themselves during congratulations? Where will they take place? And why congratulations are a great time to collect candid shots.

07 Group photos

How to be prepared to save time and why having a professional photographer take the group photos might not always be necessary. 

08 Dining

Remind them you might need something to eat too, and explain why putting you in the middle, and not at the end, is necessary.

09 Golden hour shooting

Educate your clients on why 15 minutes in that sweet golden hour light might be well worth it.

10 First Dance & Party

All about the DJs lighting, flash and the first dance. Make sure you have the best conditions to deliver amazing results.

11 What most couples don't consider...

 ...when choosing a location.

Let them know why bright rooms with white ceilings will be a game changer for the photos.

12 Church

What to look for when picking a church.

13 Outside ceremony

Why having a wedding outside might lead to better images and the importance of shades.

14 Location

Space to list your favourite locations.

15 Rain

Why rain is not a disaster and how you will adapt to it.

16 Your job is done

FAQs and what happens after the wedding.

17 Vendors

Space to list your favorite vendors and explain what's great about them.

18 All Inclusive

Is planning and doing all by yourself always the best option? What are the pros and cons of having a planner or an all-inclusive location?


  • Educate your clients.
  • Come across professional.
  • Get better photos.
  • Be more prepared.
  • Collect all information that you need.
  • Give your clients a better experience.
  • Support your clients and help them plan their wedding.
  • Showcase your expertise and experience.
  • Convince couples for things that are better for you without pressuring them.
  • Offer it as a free download before they book you to convince them you know what you are doing!
  • Easily customizable.
  • Everything is ready to go! Just change the images and fill in some gaps.
  • Gifts like this guide make your relationship with your clients special and more personal.

Do I need a program to edit the guide?

No, you also don't need any knowledge of Indesign or photoshop. All you need to do is create a free Canva account.

What is the difference between the print and digital template?

The digital template is designed with elements that might span over a full page while the print version has no text or important elements go over the middle so that they will still be visible when printed.

In short: The layout is optimized for sending it digitally or printed, depending on what you choose.

Can I make changes to the texts, images and layout?

Absolutely! The texts were written by professional wedding photographers and can be used as they are, but if you want to make changes or delete sections you absolutely can.

You can also easily drag and drop the layout and switch out images with one click.

Do I need to write texts?

No, all you need to do is fill in a few gaps. However if something doesn't apply to you, you can change or remove it.

Do I have to print the guide?

You can either print it or send it as a digital PDF to your clients. Make sure to choose which one you want via the drop-down menu before your purchase.

After your purchase you'll get an Email titled "your assets are ready to download". Please also check your spam folder or "promotions" tab if you use gmail.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to edit

Love that it is so easy to edit. I used the template and translated the texts to my own language. My clients love the guide ❤

Wedding Guide

+ Tutorial
+ Easy to edit
+ No paid software needed
+ Clean but interesting design that fits my brand
+ Very helpful info for my clients
+ Helps with everything, not only photography
+ Space to list fav. vendors etc.
+ Different layouts for printing

- 88 Pages/44 spreads might be a bit too long but you can shorten it yourself
- Only available in english

Better than others

I already bought a guide from another very big site that might be familiar...
The problem: Not enought content and only indesign or ps. I don't really use both programs and don't like them - both a bit too complex for my taste.
This one form bites is not only super easy to edit - in fact so easy, a child could do it - but also comes with A TON of very good content. Most sections I could just leave as they are. Many tips I never thought about that will make a big difference for my work. Probably one of the best long-term investments I made this year.

grace allen
perfect gift

I got this so I can provide some extra value for my clients.
After sending this out 2 times now I got only compliments.
Very easy to set up and make your own. Tutorial that comes along with it is straight to the point and doesn't waste your time, really appreciated.

This will help you

I could not be happier. This guide covers everything, lighting, time of day, location... and much more. Say goodbye to uncle bob ruining shots and ugly light.
Might be the best investment in my business so far!