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Clean Collection Presets Desktop - bitesandtickles
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Clean Collection Presets | Desktop

Lightroom Classic
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You like the concept of having calibrated presets but don't like the moody warm style and prefer it clean?

You asked for it - we went to work and created the clean collection - analogue film presets


This pack contains the following presets - Name underneath the example

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Images by: @enframe_eternity ,


What's included?

  • 5 Color presets (calibrated for your camera)
  • 1 Black and white preset (calibrated for your camera)
  • 8 color grading tools for fine tuning
  • How do the grading tools work?

    The grading tools are meant to be used in combination to further fine tune your edits. You firstly slap on a preset and then go through the grading tools. The tools will change the tone of the image. You can mix and match any preset with any grade that you like. Play around until you find your dream combination!

    What does "camera calibration" mean?

    The Problem with presets...
    is that most packs are developed using images from one camera model. This often times results in Presets that work well on one camera but look horrible on other camera models.

    The reason for this is that different brands produce different color outputs that need to be handled.

    To adress this issue, we calibrate our presets for your specific camera model!
    Presets are not meant as a one click solution but having them calibrated for specific models surely helps to get a great starting point! 

    How do I get the calibration?

    If we calibrated the Presets for your model before, they will be immediately available. If not, you can send us 15-20 Photos and we calibrate the presets based on that :)

    How will I get my download?

    After your purchase, you will get an email with the subject "your assets are ready to download". If you can't find the email, please also check spam and your "promotions" tab if you use google.

    What do I need to adjust?

    No preset is a one-click solution as the lighting situation varies from image to image. Because of this, you will need to adjust the exposure and make the image darker or brighter. 

    Adjusting the whitebalance before applying the preset is equally important. Make sure the Temperature and tint is looking good. For most images, we recommend warming them up a bit before applying the preset.

    If you want to go the extra mile, you can adjust the contrast or skin saturation (use the orange color slider), but most times, this is not necessary as the presets are calibrated for your camera.

    Which program do I need to use the presets?

    You will need adobe Lightroom installed on your PC. These Presets will also work with Adobe Camera Raw.

    Will these work with all camera models?

    Absolutely! We not only tested them on many different models, we go the extra mile and offer a calibration service so they fit perfectly! :)

    I want free tutorials and editing hacks

    If you want some editing insights you normally don't find on youtube, leave the checkbox ticked during the checkout. We will also let you know how to cut your culling time in half and many more valuable info!

    Make sure to check spam 4 days after your purchase or your "promotions" tab in google and move us to your inbox and add us as a contact so we can keep sending you free guides :)

    Can't place an order/card gets declined

    We are so sorry this happened! Sometimes credit card companies just decide to not let you place an order out of nowhere 🤷
    Please try one more time and use a different method like paypal or a different card. If it's still not working contact us and we will send you an alternative link for the payment.


    After your purchase you'll get an Email titled "your assets are ready to download". Please also check your spam folder or "promotions" tab if you use gmail.

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    Warm Lightroom Presets

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    A dream

    I bought the whole shop at this point 😂
    Everything is perfect, will recommend all resources to my friends!

    Clean AF

    Most Presets out there are way too obnoxious for me. They change the colors and destroy the image. These however make the image pop without altering it too much. Exactly my style ♥

    I got both

    I got both bundles so I thought I'd write a quick review for anyone that hasn't made a decision on which pack to get yet.
    Which one is the best for you totally depends on what you want to accomplish:
    Do you want a dramatic look, something intense but also versatile with desaturated blues and warm tones and an intimate, adventureous feel? Then I'd say definitely go with the coffee collection, no doubt about it. They are modern, trending but also very intense.

    If you want a very subtle, timeless look, photos that don't feel like they've been edited too much but still have that film look, then the clean collection is the perfect fit.

    Coming from someone who tried both for 6 months now: These are at least for me personally the best packs I ever tried. One thing I noticed though: If you don't set the Whitebalance and Exposure right, they won't look as good. I definitely noticed this when the Shots were very "cold". So to everyone reading this: I'd say push up that temperature slider a bit and you will love these packs, no matter which one you get.
    I know how hard it is to decide and invest in new Presets so I really hope this review helped someone!


    Happy with my purchase! Calibration was quick and results are good 99% of the time :)

    Clean Collection

    After getting both the mobile and desktop coffee collection I also wanted to try these out. These are definitely meant for a cleaner, more polished style. I stick to the coffee collection but use these if I want a less dramatic/moody look.
    Also - why are there no mobile Presets for this collection?