Wedding Photography Client Questionnaire

Wedding Photography Client Questionnaire

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Save time - be prepared - up your branding.

ever found yourself asking your clients the same questions over and over again? Yes? We've been there too...

which is why we created this resource to save hours of time. It is a questionaire that asks everything you need to know. Your clients fill it out and - boom - got everything you need. Use this questionaire to know the timeline, details that need to be photographed and gather other valuable information from your clients.



You can save hours of asking or hours that it would take to create something like this. This Questionaire is full of things we always ask our clients and we use this on a daily basis. It saves us so much time and our clients love it!


Once you buy the product, you'll get a pdf containing a tutorial and a link to the template. Don't worry, you need no coding or other software, just a free google account. Watch the tutorial and customize it if you want to.