Instagram Algorithm Guide

Instagram Algorithm Guide

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Keeping up with instagrams changes and knowing what matters most is crucial for growing on Instagram. Especially for photogs getting serious business through the platform. That's why we condensed 3 years of research and experience from 14 failed accounts into 60 pages, covering everything you need to know.


What's inside the Guide:

  1. Introduction - Why you should be strategic about Instagram
  2. Basics - Account type, who to follow, general settings and a few words about buying followers
  3. Secrets about feed postsWhy the first minutes matter, engagement, captions, hacks and principles.
  4. AlgorithmSchedules, building a small account, Insta SEO, Alt text, location tags, the death of hashtags, freebie template, comments, importance of DMs, editing posts after posting, shoppable posts, new feature growht, tagging accounts, the first 30 minutes, about Instas ethics and how ads work.
  5. Fake Accounts and ghost followers - Find out why bigger numbers may lead to slower growth.
  6. Explore page - how to get on it. Hint: It's NOT Hashtags!
  7. Don't do this! - Things that kill your growth... sometimes forever.
  8. Algorithm updates - your subscription. With this Guide, you'll get future updates from us.
  9. Automatization - Don't waste your time, craft all posts at once and schedule them.
  10. Utilizing stories - How Instagram ranks your stories and how to get more eyes on them.
  11. Reels - Let the cringe begin. We all need them to grow unfortunately.
  12. Hacks


Why should you trust us?

We studied the algorithm for 3 years and tried everything we could think about. We had 14 failed accounts before figuring it out and are now growing around 1.5k-2k followers a month because we put everything we learned along the way into practice.

Of course, the numbers for a personal account will be a bit different, but the principles we learned remain the same.

It's safe to say that there is no other topic that we know more about. This guide is the product we care about the most, because it impacts your business more than anything we offer. Our vision is developing your business - if we sell you a shitty product that has no value, willl you trust us with anything in the future? Will you engage with our content and keep following us? We believe that wouldn't be the case. So you see we too are interested in providing REAL value!


Why get this guide? Can't I just watch Youtube videos instead?

We know the struggle of watching 100+ Youtube videos just to find a new piece of information and reading articles about it every other night. Most people will tell you the same stuff over and over again and some of them claim to know how things work but do not have something to back it up.

If you have the time to do this, feel free to go that route. If you want to save your valuable time, you came to the right place.

The question is: Do you want to save a bit of cash and watch videos for a few months and piece them together or do you want everything in one place?

This is not meant to pressure you into buying but it is a question that needs to be asked.

Customer Reviews

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Kelerean ph
So detailed!

Bought this after hearing Bitesandtickles speak about the Instagram Algorithm on their Livestream. After hearing their insights I was sure they know their stuff - needless to say I wasn't disappointed by this guide and it was a great investment for me and my business. 10/10

Jaq lousie
Thank you

This Guide helped me to get everything how it should be.
I'm amazed by how many things you have to consider and know, this guide is really in depth and covers many aspects I never heard before. Also some HUGE time savers in there! Definitely worth the money, you won't regret buying it!

I'll keep posting about this Guide

Just started to read and I'll definitely want to take notes, so I printed the guide.
I trust in what you guys learned - actions and words.
Hopefully more people will use it, I'll keep posting about it!

Julia Bachmann
This Guide is so exciting!

I read this snuggled up in my bed and I can't stop reading it!
It is so exciting and I felt called out a few times - but not in a bad way.
You guys put sooooo much information into this, I really appreciate that and only have to say: Thank you!

Thank you!

I just finished skimming through it and it is PACKED full of actionable steps to improving my insta game. Seriously, thank you for making this guide. It's the best instagram guide I've read and I’m already starting to see improvements on my Instagram after implementing a few of their action items!