Cull your photos 2x faster - for FREE!

Cull your photos 2x faster - for FREE! - bitesandtickles

how to cull wedding photos

We still remember culling and sorting our images in Lightroom...

After a shoot you first gotta wait a loooong long time to get them all imported to then realise they take ages to load because of some preview error. Not to mention the obligatory 2-3 crashes every culling session.

Life as a photog doesn't have to be this way, there is an easy free solution that you can sign up for free today using our link! (If you view this in the insta browser, make sure to revisit this blog from your pc to install select)

Not only is the importing and flipping through images way faster than Lightroom, it also comes with a ton of super useful features like having a closeup view with all faces:

Narrative Free

 We use this feature all the time for culling group photos and it is such a huuuuuge time saver!

Let us also tell you about the scene detection - it automatically groups similar images together and lets you know which one is the best and sharpest. Crazy right?

Wedding Presets 2022

And that's not even all... You can also detect closed eyes, zoom into faces automatically, have the AI choose images for you etc.

Once you are finished, you can directly ship your selection to Lightroom and start editing. So you don't have to import a ton of images, only your selection, which will reduce importing times a lot.

fast culling images

Absolutely mind-blowing considering you can get started for free today! There is absolutely not a single reason to not sign up today and save yourself hours and frustration - do it now and thank us later.

click here to sign up for free right now and cut your culling time in half for absolutely 0$.

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  • Christian

    Can confirm, photos load faster and the tools are amazing!

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