How to build a strong wedding photography portfolio

How to build a strong wedding photography portfolio - bitesandtickles

As a wedding photographer, your portfolio is one of the most important tools you have. It displays your best work and gives potential clients an idea of your wedding photography style and approach. In a crowded market, a strong portfolio can help you stand out and attract the right clients.


Here are some recommendations for creating a strong portfolio:

Choose your best images: Select images that demonstrate your style and abilities as a wedding photographer. Consider combining candid and photojournalistic shots with more posed and traditional images. Images that are poorly lit or poorly composed should be avoided.


images by: @enframe_eternity ; edited with the coffee collection presets

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Organize your images: Arrange your images so that they tell a unified story. Consider organizing your images chronologically or by theme or style. Make sure the flow of your portfolio is logical and simple to understand. Decide if you want to include candids and detail shots (we'd recommend this as interesting couples would like to see a variety of images


How to build a wedding photography portfolio

Keep it short and sweet: As photographers, we often have this romantic image in our heads: The potential clients make a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and browse our Website for 1-2 hours. But this is almost never the case! Make sure one can get an understanding of your work by scrolling through your portfolio for 20 seconds. If you design the portfolio for your website, less is more. We think we know how much images clients want to see but we really overestimate it. Plus having too many images can be bad for your SEO. Keep the number of images as low as possible while still conveying what your work feels like.


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Select a portfolio format: There are numerous ways to display your work, including online galleries, printed portfolios, and slideshows. Consider the type of clients you want to attract and select a format that best showcases your work.

Consider hiring a designer: A designer can assist you in creating a clean and visually appealing portfolio. A designer can also assist you in selecting the appropriate images and layout for your portfolio.

Collect Feedback: Ask other photographers to take a look at your portfolio and give you honest feedback. You can also get our portfolio review service.


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Regularly update your portfolio: Your portfolio should be a living document that reflects your current style and abilities. Make sure to keep it up to date with your most recent and best work.

Be honest! If images were created during a style shoot, let ppl know. We'd recommend not including such images, as they might be good for reach on instagram but could create false expectations for future clients. You should show the work you will be booked for.


Any wedding photographer must have a strong portfolio. You can attract the right clients and build a successful business by showcasing your best work and presenting it in a cohesive and professional manner. 

images by: @enframe_eternity ; edited with the coffee collection presets

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