The Problem With Presets

The Problem With Presets - bitesandtickles

All you need are a few good ones and that's it.

The problem with buying multiple Preset packs hoping they will finally look perfect is that Presets will always look different depending on the light, whitebalance and most important: The camera model.

Often times, Presets are developed using images from only one camera model and that's why they sometimes look horrible when used with other cameras - we are here to change that!

While it's more important to invest in learning how to edit correctly and setting the whitebalance and contrast at the right value, having presets that are made for your specific camera are always a better starting point than most default Presets out there.

Of course you always have to treat presets as a starting point, not a one click solution but with our calibrated presets, you can get to the best starting point for further edits and create a very unique look.

They will streamline your workflow and if you kept looking for that perfect warm, intense and moody presets, you can stop looking today ;)

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