How to Become a Wedding Photographer - bitesandtickles
Wedding photography is a creative and rewarding profession that allows you to capture one of the most important and memorable moments in people's lives. If you have a passion for photography and an eye for detail, becoming a wedding photographer...
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How to Best Photograph People with Dark Skin - bitesandtickles
How to Best Photograph Black people / People with melanated skin As a photographer, it's important to understand how to best photograph BiPoC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color). Unfortunately, many photographers struggle with this task and end up producing subpar...
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Handling difficult clients as a wedding photographer - bitesandtickles
As a wedding photographer, dealing with difficult clients can be challenging, but it is a common occurrence in this profession. From managing unrealistic expectations to handling last-minute changes, every photographer must have strategies for dealing with difficult clients. Here are...
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